The Firing Squad

Unless something monumental happens to change this outcome two Australian men will face the firing squad on an Indonesian island tonight at midnight. They will be part of a mass execution. Last night, one of them, Andrew Chan, got married. I have been to some strange weddings, but this would have been surreal. Maybe their gift will be a stay of execution. Now we can only hope.

The Typo That Got Away

JT Twissel

Are you really, really ready to publish this book? Are you really, really ready to publish this book?

I missed Shakespeare’s birthday celebration because I was in the middle of final, final edits.  Those of you who are writers are keenly aware of the abject horror of final, final edits. Basically the publisher says to you: “Here is your last chance to catch embarrassing typos, missing words, misplaced commas, etc.  After you sign off, your work will be paraded naked through Amazon and, if you missed anything, you will be the laughing stock of the literary world. But what do we care.  You’re not making us any money.”

And you know, don’t you know, don’t you know, that despite the many, many, many times you and your editor and the proofreader go over the manuscript, as night follows day, something will be missed.

It was . . . The Typo That Got Away! It was . . . The Typo That Got Away!

Oh yes.  That nasty little bugger – the  Typo That…

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