Major Tom to Ground Control

panda deviant art

23 million people have watched retired astronaut Chris Hadfield float high above the world in the International Space Station performing Space Oddity. Due to copyright issues the site was taken down from You Tube, but now, with David Bowie’s blessing, it’s back up.

Once again the Canadian commander is circling the earth. The song, written 45 years ago about a doomed astronaut, still delivers a punch in the guts and a chill down the spines of viewers from Seoul to San Francisco.

Now Hadfield’s using his celebrity to push for an end to international space rivalry in the interest of world harmony.

“The United States and China need symbolic ways to cooperate beyond pandas and this is a really good way to do it,” he said.

After all, old foes America and Russia have already been down this road.

“It would have been very hard to predict in 1989, and yet I was on the Russian space station by 1995 and commander of an international crew by 2013. That’s amazingly quick. We have set an example that not only shows it is possible; it has been done.”

World peace …one song at a time.

Put Putin on You Tube in a Russian sub singing Yellow Submarine. We could all join in. …”And our friends are all aboard….’

Obama, time to shut up with Who Let the Dogs Out and dance to another tune.

Dance like there’s no one watching cause there isn’t. They’re all too busy dancing as fast as they can to stay alive.

And don’t forget to live like there’s no tomorrow because we’re right on track for that.

Rake through your old albums in the White House basement. There might be one in there by Woody Guthrie who knew a thing or two about right and wrong.

It’s called This Land is Your Land and nearly 70 years after it was released it’s still a heart-breaking anthem.

Somebody cover it. Re-release it. Now. Your country needs reminding that America once belonged to Americans before it was snatched away in a hat trick by con men.

Applications for a one-way ticket to Mars have closed. The lines were swamped. What’s happening when people would prefer to risk floating off into the cosmos than face the future on their own planet?

Ground control to Major Tom

Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong…..

(photo: Deviant Art)


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